31 years of experience

About Master Cameron

Master Cameron is the Founder & Chief Instructor of Wing Chun International organisation. Highly motivated and dedicated in producing some of the best Wing Chun students and Instructors throughout the world.

His martial arts experience started way back in 1974 and in 1986 he found and fell in love with the Wing Chun system. From that moment he has dedicated his life to the study and development of the Wing Chun System.

He is known as the Teacher of the teachers...

How Does Online Wing Chun Training Work?

As a private student of Master Cameron, he will design and customize your Wing Chun training programme. He will review your progress and tweak your training programme for your level. Sign Up and start your Wing Chun journey Today!

We offer 3 level of online membership...

Student Membership - Covers all student programmes from Grade 1 through to 12.

Instructor Membership - Covers the whole complete Wing Chun system.

Master Membership - Everything plus  attend Master Class seminars for FREE.


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